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This is the new single from Btaka's soon to be released
new mixtape The Native Hustle 2!  California Sunshine
features rap vets Reek Daddy & Coolio Da Unda Dogg!  
The track was also produced by Da Unda Dogg.  The
single is available on ITunes!

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Plans for Native Hip-Hop Concert for 2014!

Ever since the Native Hip-Hop Concert we put on in 2003 at Celebrity Theatre, we have always wanted to do
another one.  Right now we are in the stages of confirming a venue and we are starting to work on the roster.  
There will also be giveaways and door prizes.  If anyone wants to help and be a part of the promotional team for
this event.  Then send your name and contact info to btaka@westsidewarriorrecords.com and we will sign you
up.  Keep checking back for more updates!
New Releases for 2014!

Red Haze New Album

Btaka - Native Hustle 2 Mixtape

Underground Nativez 2 - Da Gathering

Btaka - Da Westside Warrior

Native Warriors 3 - The Final Chapter

Btaka - Rez Harmony Double CD

Btaka & Rollin' Fox - We Are Legends

Btaka - Lost Without You
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This is the new hot single from Red Haze entitled Tribal
Outlaw.  The track features Btaka and Red Suspect.  The
track is also produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by
Btaka. The album will dropped this summer!

Click on the cover to preview & buy this track on ITunes